Alternative Education Center

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Principal's Message

At the Alternative Education Center, we envision a partnership between home, school, and the community where each is an active participant in the academic and emotional growth of students. We serve students in grades 8-12, with the majority of our population being high school students.  We are a small school with an enrollment of 100 students. We are alternative to a traditional large school and we believe in an individualized approach to education. 
The climate is orderly, safe, and conducive to teaching and learning. A unique aspect of the Alternative Education Center is our small class size (1:15 teacher pupil ratio in all classes). The atmosphere fosters respect along with a spirit of understanding, tolerance, and friendship.  The environment allows each individual to develop physically, mentally, morally, and socially. 

We believe there are no limits to learning. We have high expectations and truly believe that the dignity and worth of the individual demands quality and equity. 

We envision learners who can come to see education as increasing their own choices, building bridges to new opportunities, and improving the quality of their lives. With the help of parents and a concerned public, we are proud to accept the responsibility of helping all of our students recognize their potential.