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MAEC School Counseling

The Mission

The mission of the AEC counseling program is to provide a comprehensive, preventative, and developmental program which advocates for the opportunity for the academic, career, and social/personal achievement of all students in school and in the community.

The Goals

  1. Understanding school environment
  2. School success skills
  3. Career awareness and educational planning
  4. Understanding self and others
  5. Understanding attitudes and behaviors
  6. Decision making and problem solving skills
  7. Interpersonal and problem solving skills
  8. Community pride and involvement.

The School Counselor Can Help

Parents with:

-Understanding developmental stages

-Teacher conferences

-Linking to school and community services


Students with:

-Becoming successful learners

-Making friends

-Dealing with family changes

-Getting along with others

-Solving problems

-Understanding self


School Staff with:

-New educational and behavioral strategies

-Providing training and materials

-Parent conferences

-Support Services


Through: conferences, phone consultation, e-mail, home visits, referrals, workshops, small groups, classroom guidance, and individual sessions.

Also, please check-out more resources under Students and Parents tabs!

When and Where?

  Work Hours: 7:45 – 4:00

Email: Melanie Rose at

   Phone: MAEC: (828) 652-1040

Direct: (828) 652-6580 Ext. 227

   Fax: (828) 652-9840